How can Castle Purchasing save me money, how does it work?


Based on the multi-million pound buying power of our members, we are able to negotiate highly competitive prices with designated suppliers on the items you use every day.


Can I stick with my current supplier?


We deal with a few select suppliers to get the best prices for you - if you're current supplier is in our portfolio, you might not need to change at all.


What products can I save money on with Castle Purchasing?


  • Groceries

  • Frozen Food

  • Milk & Dairy

  • Meat

  • Fresh Produce

  • Cleaning and Janitorial

  • Continence Care

  • Work Wear and Uniforms

  • Trade / Clinical Waste

  • Furniture


If I choose to use Castle Purchasing, will I have to order from all the product categories?


Not at all. You are free to choose to order from as many or as few product categories as you like. When you have experienced the benefit of using our services, you can expand the range of categories that you order from our suppliers at any point


I'm looking for an item that doesn't seem to be on the product lists - can you source it for me?


Just call and ask! Our lists are comprehensive but not exhaustive as this enables us to get the very best prices for you on the items you use the most but if a product isn't on any of our lists we can still get it for you at our special rates.